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Personal 200 mb  web space
6 Email Addresses
10 GB transfer
Spam  Filtering
More Info $2.95 per mth
Personal 600 mb  web space
10 Email Addresses
15 GB transfer
Spam  Filtering
More Info $6.95 per mth
Business 1000 mb
20 Email Addresses
20 GB transfer
Spam  Filtering
More Info $12.95 per mth
Ecommerce 5 Gig (5,000mb)
60 Email Addresses
80GB transfer
Spam  Filtering
$ 19.95 per mth
More Info
Custom Built or
Choose your own template
From Simple to Complex
Informational or Ecommerce
More Info
Videos, and more
More Info

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Go Daddy $1.99 Domains

Go Daddy $1.99 Domains
  • Business Web Space 1000 mb ( 1 GIG )

  • 20 Email Accounts.

  • 20 gig bytes of monthly transfer (bandwidth)


1 Mth.  = $   12.95 (Paid Monthly)

 3 Mths  = $  38.85 (Paid Quarterly)
6 Mths  = $  77.70 (Paid Semi-Annually)
12 Mths = $ 142.45 (Paid PA - 1 month free)
Your account will be set up within 1 -8 hours

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Forwader Manager
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Ftp Settings
Backup Manager
Password Change
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Last Visitors Stats
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Entropy Search
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Java Clock

Advanced Guestbook
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Mysql  - ONE
Email Account Manager

Default Address Manager
Autoresponder Manager

Mailman List Manager
Ability to Change MX
Trace an email address
Spam Assassin

Web Protect
Mime Types Manager
Apache Handlers Manager
Hotlink Protection

Search Engine Submit Tool
Network Tools
Sub-domain Manager
Parked Domain Manager
Sub-domain Stats

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