Personal 500 mb  web space
10 Email Addresses
10 GB transfer
Spam  Filtering
More Info $ 67.00 per year
ie:$5.58 per month - 1 domain

Business 1000 mb
20 Email Addresses
20 GB transfer
Spam  Filtering
More Info $127.00 per year
ie:$10.58 per month - 1 domain
Ecommerce 2 Gig (2,000mb)
40 Email Addresses
40GB transfer
Spam  Filtering
More Info $ 237.00 per year
ie:$9.87 per month per domain.
Custom Built or
Choose your own template
From Simple to Complex
Informational or Ecommerce
More Info
Videos, and more
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FAST and RELIABLE service.

Our support is quick and in most cases you will get a reply from us within one or two hours, but never longer than one business day. 

If you require a customized package, please let us know what your requirements are and we can build a specialized package for you.
We offer . . .

Web Design Portfolio

Web Hosting
Web Design 

Our Standard Hosting package offers a 200 mb web space and 10 gig transfer (bandwidth) per month and 6 email addresses, and is ideal for the beginner or for someone who only needs a few web pages, and a few photos / graphics.   Every account comes with a c-Panel control panel, which gives you control over various functions of your web site.   (Take a look at cpanel)
Our Plus Hosting package with 400 mb web space and 15 gig transfer (bandwidth) per month and 10 email addresses, is ideal for someone who only needs a web site with 20 - 100 pages with lots of information, a guest book, some background music and video clip or two and lots of photo's. 
The next step up is our Pro Hosting which is suitable for most businesses with 600 mb web space, 20 gig transfer per month and 20 email addresses. 
The Super Pro eCommerce package boasts 1000 mb web space and 30 email addresses with 50 gig transfer, but if you require additional web space, we can add 100 mb modules for $1 pm extra (limit 20 extra modules per account) 
Our Super Pro account comes with FANTASTICO, which contains 53 programs and utilities which you can run from your web site.  You can access them from your c-Panel control panel. (see a list of FANTISTICO)
Web Design
We build web sites as well.  From simple to ecommerce enabled.  We will custom build your web site  (see some of our customers sites) or you can purchase your own template.  (see available templates)
Spam Assassin
Every hosting package we offer has Spam Assassin available, which can be turned on or off from your Cpanel. Spam Assassin uses a set of criteria or rules to determine whether email is spam or not. When you download your email using Outlook / Outlook Express, all spam is zipped into an attachment with an explanation as to why it is considered spam, so that if you determine it is valid mail, you can open it and restore it to it's original form.
It is not a fool proof method, but it will certainly make spam go away after some time of use. The reason is because it disables any scripts and tracking codes that may run in the background.
Web Design - (see some examples) 
We can custom design a web site for you.  We can add 

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